Red Bull

Fatum // Rus + Tanator // Rus

sobota, 16.09 2017, 21:00

Turoben crust/stenchcore & oldschool black/thrash metal.

FATUM: "It is a flower. One that has been locked in the dark, in a room where Antisect, Sacrilege, Axegrinder and Amebix were constantly playing. Little by little, in the absence of sunlight and water, the plant started to feed from these sounds and to incorporate them organically, naturally, in an act of sonosynthesis. When the flower finally bloomed, it certainly looked like what it had been listening to and the whiffs it gave off was reminiscent of what it had absorbed, but it nevertheless had its own roots, colourfulness and vitality." - Terminal Sound Nuisance

Na turneji jim delajo družbo treš punkerji TANATOR iz Sankt Petersburga. Igrajo glasen, besen, čisti old school thrash metal, ki občasnimi punk trenutki. Za fene Sodom.



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